Humberto Brenes


Humberto Brenes or better known as Humberto “Shark” Brenes is a professional Poker player from Costa Rican. Brenes started his vocation in betting by playing baccarat, yet later made his path into poker. He began to play competitions in 1974 and turned into a customary competition player in 1988. Most individuals distinguish Humberto for his allure and capably play. In 1988, he made the last table of the WSOP primary occasion, finalizing in fourth spot along with winning $83,050. He has gathered two WSOP bracelets, liquidated 60 times at the WSOP and made three World Poker Tour last tables. Two of his siblings, Alex Brenes and Eric Brenes, have won World Poker Tour titles.

Experts distinguish him for numerous titles won by him and his fulfillments. The best year of Humberto have been the year 1993, when he earned two World Series of Poker gold wristbands and 2002, when he fulfilled first at Jack Binion World Poker Open title in Tunica, Ms. In 2003, Humberto set second at the L.A. Invitational. In 2004, he in the World Series of Poker competitions positioning in the top 7 times got the money for spots. Humberto is a part of the Team PokerStars since May of the year 2006. You’ll find him playing on PokerStars as “Humberto Shark” and in major competitions around the world.

In 2006, Brenes finalized 36th in the World Series of Poker Main Event in a field of 8,773 and afterward in 2007, Brenes traded in for cold hard currency the cash again in the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship, putting 83rd out of a field of 6,358 players, winning $82,476. Brenes was eliminated by Hevad Khan. Until 2010, his sum live competition spoils surpass $6,000,000. His 69 trades in for money in the WSOP represent $2,220,018 of the aforementioned rewards.

Chino Rheem gets top spot at World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock 2016


Chino Rheem has experienced many lows and highs in his playing career.

The thirty-six year old poker pro from LA has gathered millions and millions in live event earnings, but he has also been the center figure of financial responsibility as well as debt repayment challenges. The now inoperative Epic Poker League went so far as to put him on test period as a result of so-called failure to pay back debts owed to other poker players.

As tough as it is to neglect Rheem’s bothered past it is just as hard to ignore the jaw-dropping success he has had on the event circuit. Rheem’s newest victory came in World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock Poker Finale 2016 US$ 10000 buy-in event, the final World Poker Tour open-field main event of the tour’s fourteenth season.

Rheem survived a pack of three-hundred-forty-two players to assure the 1st spot prize of US$ 705885 and become only the 4th poker player in poker history to win 3 World Poker Tour main event honors.

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Montgomery man gets US$7.6M playing poker


A Montgomery County man, aged 24, became the champion of poker in Las Vegas earlier on Tuesday evening. North Wales’s Joe McKeehen won US$ 7683346 in the World Series of Poker, terming gambling’s richest, largest as well as most esteemed event. After his win, McKeehen said that he was just focused and he did not want to get ahead of himself, he has been that way the whole event because it was working. I feel pretty good now of course.
Viewed a well respected player; Joe now has won almost US$ 11 million playing poker for a living. He got World Series of Poker title in Penn & Teller theater of Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, situated in Las Vegas. The event started on 5th July, with 6420 expactants paying a US$ 10000 entry fee and getting 30000 in starting tournament chips.

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Hamid Reza Dastmalchi outstanding performance is indelible in the poker history


If you have a penchant for gambling in the casinos, poker is among the most ideal game to endorse. If you have the mettle, you are inclined to not only make huge amounts of money but also cement your reputation in a burgeoning industry that has now taken a global bent.

Nevertheless, poker poses unfathomable challenges to outlast other players of equal standing, thus you have to familiarize yourself with the resumes of previous players who have ventured in the murky waters of the game before transforming yourself into a pro. One unsung hero whose footprints are worthy for a novice poker whiz kid is Hamid Reza Dastmalchi who is an American-Iranian poker player.

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Julian Gardner : A professional poker player


When it comes to poker player it is very important that your skills that you have are polished as well you have good practice on daily basis. The poker player needs to make his technical as well logical skills when he plays the poker game.

He is a player who was born and brought up in United Kingdom. He is a player who has $2,126,693Casino Winnings. He is a player who has 2 career titles on his name and as well 2cashes on his account. He is a poker player who has won at all levels of game. He is a player who has made many winning titles on his name. He is a poker player that has easy matches in the final tables. Continue reading ‘Julian Gardner : A professional poker playerrgb’

James Mackey Poker Achievements beyond Reproach


No one can doubt that North America is the heart of gambling as it is home to numerous poker players who win trophies at prestigious poker tournaments. If you are not acquainted with James Mackey, he is one of the US poker pros of all time. His advance to the top in poker came when he won the WSOP $5,000 Buy in NLHE in 2007, this made him the third youngest player to clinch a bracelet at his age in 2007. However, he has also competed on online poker platforms where he is widely famed. He has participated in significant tournaments where his score has been astounding and laudable to say the least.

In the 2008 WSOP, he completed runner-up in the $10,000 World Championship Mixed (WCM) Event, earning as much as $297,792. Remarkably, in September, 2007, he won the WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) $1,050 Buy in tournament that saw him garner $580,212.50 alongside a WCOOP bracelet. He has also managed five cashes at the World Series of Poker which have earned him $1,060,800 of the wins. With these wins, his flexibility in playing ingeniously at different events is a distinguishing trait as he can cast his net wider for more winning and championship titles. The events involve a series of competitive stages where entrants are eliminated and a cut off place is made to identify the top players who will get a share of the jackpot.

At the 2007 WSOP $5,000 NLHE, he won a bracelet that further alleviated his status in the corridors of poker, walking away with as high as $730,740. James has also made clandestine colossal sums for his bankroll online, but this is beyond ascertainment.  The indubitable is he will find his way to high-status competitions and cement his reputation by winning automatically.

Steve Zolotow-Poker professional holding 2 bracelets in his hands


When you think of the games present around, there are plentiful games, yet there are few games which can interest you, whereby a few can make you gain interest to play it so. Among such games, Poker game is never forgotten, as the game is simply playable by any individuals who knew the rules and the tricks to play it so. Steve is the professional player who has bagged 2 bracelets in his hands by learning the art of the game, whereby he excelled too.

Steve Zolotow is an American poker professional who is from Nevada. The poker player is familiar for his winning of the bracelets which are 2 in numbers. This player was the regulars at the very familiar Mayfair club, when he resided in New York. The poker professional is the businessman too. The player is given the nickname as Stevie Z, The Bald Eagle and as Z too. So far the poker professional has made successfully 49 money finishes and his highest ITM main event finish would definitely be in 2013. He has also attempted one final table in World Poker Tour title, and also has made money finishes 10 in numbers.

As The Bald Eagle:

The player has been an entrepreneur holding several bars and also restaurants here in New York. He has identified the poker game and then introduced himself in playing it with Erick Seidel, Dan Harrington, etc by playing regularly the game at Mayfair Club. It was by the year 1988; he played WSOP by participating Pot Limit Omaha tournament $2500, where he finished in 5th place.  It was by the year 1995, Steve has won the Chinese Poker tournament and also by the year 2001 he turned winning $3000 Pot Limit Hold’em tournament.

Joe Cada Poker Player-Youngest player to play Poker bagging a bracelet


There are a lot many games played across the world, to please one’s mind or to refresh one’s mind simply. When you consider the world familiar games, you turn to keep on adding in the list, as there are really plentiful games across. One such familiar game includes Poker game, as it’s mostly played in casinos. Poker game is something which turns much interesting whereby the playing style differs from players to players. Professional players do play the game very rightly, where it includes the evry professional poker player Joe Cada. Joseph “Joe’ Cada was born on November 18th 1987. Joseph is an American poker player knowable for his winning event of WSOP in 2009.

Enthusiastic player:

When he was playing the event, it suddenly gave him the path to take steps ahead of the opponent, and turned winning the World Series of Poker event by the year 2009, when he was just at the age of 21. By winning this, he turned out to be the very youngest player to have won the WSOP event in his early age. He outlasted 6494 participants, when he played the event in 2009. Joe’s mother was blackjack card dealer. Joe’s family is of card enthusiasts, thereby his choice of playing Poker was not agreeable or approved by their parents.

He is also familiar for his online poker game. He started playing it from his early days, when he turned 16. His nicknames turn out to be jcada99 and The Kid is called by his closer friends. While playing the game in 2009, there were 100’s of his friends to encourage his playing in the cheering section, naturally it didn’t go wrong too. His statement, when he was interviewed turned to be, Poker game is not a gambling, instead it’s a game played basically as an art and not based on the mere luck.

Negreanu leading all major POY competitions


Directing into the dwelling stretch for the different Player of Poker all through the Year contests around the planet poker, Canadian poker expert Daniel Negreanu is in number position to keep up his front in the entire race. This is because of what has seemingly been the finest year of competition poker in his profession. The year has surely ushered in a golden era of poker for Negreanu.

On the Bluff Magazine POY rankings, Negreanu utilized his second World Series of Poker arm jewelery triumph of 2013 to put some separation between him and the rivalry. With that win, Negreanu added 260 points to his aggregate for 2013 and presently sits at 1274.66 points. To give a purpose of connection for Negreanu’s extraordinary season, a year ago Bluff POY, Marvin Rettenmaier, utilized the whole year to just score 73.86 points more than Negreanu has at this moment. Regardless of the fact that Negreanu just gains a couple more gets the money for between now and the close of the year, he might as well destroy Rettenmaier’s check from 2012.

Every living soul else behind Negreanu on the Bluff POY seems as though they are playing for second spot. David Peters has had the ability to squeeze out a thin lead over Mike Watson, while Vanessa Selbst and WSOP-Europe arm ornament champ Noah Schwartz round out the players in the Top Five. Two men, who were fit to score huge in the later World Poker Alpha8 Tour London, and Philipp Gruissem,  Scott Seiver  arrive in the both sixth and also seventh spot spaces, separately. There was just .16 points differentiating them, while Ole Schemion, Joe Kuether, and Blair Hinkle fulfilling off the Bluff Top Ten. Provided that Negreanu’s command of the Bluff POY Top Ten was bad enough, then his mastery on the Cardplayer Magazine POY may as well open your eyes.